Yep, we’re home

In case you are wondering, and missed the news last week, we are actually home 🙂 If feels so good. And a bit lonely. And very quiet! And Owain had a clinic appointment with peds cardiology yesterday and there is no fluid building up since we have been home! *doing some serious amounts of...

Why Yes, They Are Dead. Are You Surprised?

Why Yes, They Are Dead. Are You Surprised?

A few months ago, E Nut pulled some already sprouted apple seeds from his apple and insisted that we plant them. It was something that I talked my way out of for years, but there was no way I could say no to him when they were already starting to sprout.

Tales From My Veggie Garden – How to Make a DIY Upside Down Tomato Planter

Making my upside down Tomato planter  

How to Make a Upside Down Tomato Planter with Flowers

I promised that I would share how I make my DIY upside-down tomato planter, so today I managed to get everything together and vlog about it. There are many different ways to make these, I have seen 5 gallon buckets, gallon milk jugs, heavy duty plastic bags and all sorts of random things like...

A Sample of The Nut House Veggie Garden


Random Thoughts from a Tired Mama

I have looked back over some of my posts from the past few days and they seem to be a bit rambly (if that is a word) and may or may not make any sense. Somehow I am am OK with that, lol. So in keeping up with tired rambling I need to share...

Weigh-Day for Wing Nut, Starting Our Veggie Seeds and Straw Bale Gardening

Wednesday is Weigh Day for Wing Nut. He as been doing well for the most part. He gained a lot of weight at the very start, I am guessing that it is because he was so far underweight. A few weeks ago I was disappointed when he didn’t gain any weight. And I am...

Take It On Tuesday

It wasn’t until yesterday, Valentines Day that I realized that I still have my Christmas tree up. Kinda hard to believe that I forgot that it was still standing there in the corner of the dinning room, but it is. It is especially hard to believe because I made of point of declaring that...

Electrical Passed Inspection!

This is the post that I was working on weeks ago when I was in labor. I started it in the morning and then I floated through the rest of the day(early labor had me in a daze). Then when I was trying to keep busy during labor I tried to finish it. I would have had it posted before we had to leave for the hospital, but my camera is overloaded with pictures and takes forever to load. By the time I found the pictures, William was reminding me that we need to get to the hospital…and he was right.

From July 20-21

Everything was spot on & we passed inspection the very first time!

How exciting is that!?!

Everything has been moving along so slowly for months and now that the electrical is finished, we can move on. Above the patio is two bedrooms.

We are going to hang the drywall on the ceiling on the second floor and blow in the insulation in the attic space. After that we get to hang the dry wall on the walls. This is starting to get really exciting! I think we are going to try to finish off at least one of the bathrooms first. Three boys and two adults are using one small bathroom and it will be so nice to be able to have another bathroom…and it will be even better when we have three! Yippie.

So here are the pictures of the addition just after the electrical was inspected…Click on the image scroll through.



Tales From My Veggie Garden 2009 III

Well as hard as I tried, I have not been here updating the growth of my Veggie Garden. Unfortunately, my Veggie Garden has been a bit difficult to get growing this year. I suppose that my 1 month old does have a bit to do with lack of time to keep up with my...

Pregnancy Induced Forgetfulness

As my due date gets closer, less than 3 weeks away I am finding it harder and harder to concentrate. We are trying to get everything in order, and in doing so lots of things are getting overlooked. My brain is overflowing with way too many things not to write them down….but I can...

Only one more month…

I can’t believe that we only have 1 more month until the 5th Little Nut joins The Nut House! I guess it is getting to the point where I should already be packed and have a freezer full of ready made dinners…but I don’t. It would also be nice if we had somewhere to...

Tales From My Veggie Garden 2009 II

Last weekend I managed to get quite a bit in the ground, but not everything. Some veggies are doing well, others OK and some not doing well at all. Over all I am happy with the beginning results and still have time to replant some of the veggies that did not make it. As...

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