My Happy Place

My studio, which has also turned into an office space, is finally done. What a great feeling! I can walk straight in and sit down at all three of my work stations without climbing over furniture or boxes. I suddenly feel so graceful. There is even enough room in the middle of the floor...

Winter Solitude and a Growing Family

This time of year is always so hectic no matter how much I try to calm the chaos. I am happy to say that in four weeks in November our house got new siding and all new windows (except for the way to huge to replace picture window). Our kitchen is not completely finished,...

Oh My Sanity

I think that I am having issues with my sanity. For the past 2 weeks our house has gone through some major renovations. We have wanted to get new windows since we moved into the house 2 ½ years ago. Every winter we have had to hang layers of blankets over the windows to...

I Love Being at Home with My Kids

In the midst of working on my site, I still find time make jewelry, I have so many new ideas and designs that are just swimming in my head waiting to come out, and I actually do have Faery Jewelry that is working its way on to my site. My oldest son attends a...

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