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Get Fit with Wii Fit with New Game! Get Ready to Dance!

OK, so I have absolutely nothing to post about. It is obvious that between Owee & Honey Nut getting sick, being exhausted from no real sleep for several nights and my running out of Zoloft there was no time or energy for working out. Those two babies are still fairly sick. They both have...

Get Fit With Wii Fit

It is obvious that I have had a hard time keeping up with not only remembering that I said that I wouldn’t drop the ball on this project again this year, but actually finding the time to work out. Now that none of us have strep or croup and our Mended Little Hearts CHD...

Get Fit With Wii Fit, Sunday Check in on a Monday

So I am guessing that you realize that today is not Sunday, but since I got lost in the hospital time warp, I forgot to post my Sunday Check In. Thankfully Karen from Turn My Life Around reminded me 🙂 I am full of guilt over the fact that I didn’t manage to get...

Home Sweet Home

I am so happy that we got to bring Owee home from the hospital today! It seems so much longer than one day, and I think it is going to take me a lot longer than one day to catch up on my lack of sleep. But the important thing is that we are...

Get Fit With Wii Fit Sunday Check-In

Today is the first day of Get Fit with Wii Fit check in! Since I just announced this the other day, I understand if there is nothing to add today. Today’s check in is mostly a trial run to see how I would like to do this. If you want to share your goals,...

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