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Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday at The Nut House

Happy Thursday Y’all! I got a call from UVa today. They called to schedule Owain’s Cath procedure in May, his Pre-op appointment June 23rd and Surgery date for the Fontan on June 24th. Owain’s surgery is June 24th. Sigh. Cry. Vomit. Faint. Fall apart. I am Thankful for all of the support and encouragement...

Owain is home :)

I know I should have posted here sooner, but I haven’t had more than a minute or two to try to sit down at the computer. Owain came home last Wednesday, October 15th. It is amazing that he was only in the hospital for a week and a day after having major bilateral open...

Owain is recovering slowly

Owain is still in the PICU. We were hoping that he would be out on the floor by now, but his lungs and a high fever have been keeping him here. His fever has been dropping most of this evening. He has some fluid both in his lungs and around his lungs, so his...

Another Successful Surgery :)

Owain came out of surgery around noon today,Yippie! He is doing well. He still hasn’t woken up yet & is still on a bit of pain killers. We are waiting for his pain meds to wear off and most likely they will be able to take him off the respirator early this evening. He...

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day Congenital Heart Defects

  It has been a week since I woke up in the hospital & saw my little dark blue Owain. It has been such a long emotional week with so many ups & downs. It still seems like a surreal dream, like I am floating through it all. After Owain’s attempted procedure on Friday...

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