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Our Nightly Routine with CHD and Asthma

This is a vlog of what we do every night after we put the big kids and Honey Nut in bed…although since Honey Nut has been sick, she has been working her way into cuddle time. One thing that I forgot to mention about today’s visit is that we checked Owee’s O2 sats, and...

Don’t Forget to Feed Santa’s Reindeer: Reindeer Food Tutorial

Reindeer Food ‘Tis the Night Before Christmas and every year you feed Santa, this year you can feed his Reindeer too!! 1. Wait until Christmas Eve 2. Open Bag, sprinkle reindeer food on your lawn. 3. Hop Into Bed 4. Listen for Santa 5. Close your Eyes and watch sugar plums dance in your...

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