I love My Fluffy Bums Cloth Diaper Covers!

I know I promised a review of My Fluffy Bums diaper covers for She Nut when they came, but things suddenly got busy around here and time just got away from me. And you all know how picky I am about getting good pictures of She Nut I am…I mean it only took me almost 3 months to post her newborn pictures because I had to get them just right.

I first mentioned Ivy and her mama made cloth diapers and covers here in this post.  Ivy is such a pleasure to work with. Her website is so easy to navigate and she has great deals on everything. I ordered 4 diaper covers and have never been happier with something handmade, ordered online and never seen before. The amazing thing, is that she just started doing this as a business and her cover as extremely well made.

I have 2 covers that have a basic touch tape closure. I never knew this before, but Ivy said that touch tape is like velcro, but stronger. I am able to use the covers overnight and they stay closed all night long. I also have 2 covers that have her plastic snap closures. I love these. I use these more often during the day when she is more active. She Nut is almost 5 months old, so she is not real active, but getting there. Lots of trying to roll over and wiggling, twisting and scooting across the floor. The touch tape closer stays closed while she is working on getting mobile. I am glad to have the snap closures for when she learns to crawl.

The covers have elastic around the legs and in a section across the middle of the back. These covers looked a bit small when I first took them out of the package, but the elastic in the back really expand the size. These covers are also low rise, which is another thing that makes them look smaller than they actually are. The older diaper covers that I had were high rise and stuck out of the top off all of her pants and skirts. I love the low rise because the cover is tucked into her clothes. Ivy does have an option to order a high rise cover, but I don’t see any reason why I would order the high rise. I guess for this option it is a personal preference. The low rise covers do a great job of keeping all messes contained.

One of the covers I have has the hip snaps. They are snaps that pull the diaper in close around the legs. When I first got the covers, I used the one with the hip snaps the most because of She Nut’s still skinny newborn legs. Now that she has some bigger chubby legs, I don’t use the hip snaps any more. I think that if you are ordering the cover larger for your baby to grow into that the hip snaps would be great to add.

I love everything about these diaper covers! My Fluffy Bums has great prices and wonderful customer service. I think the most difficult thing about ordering from My Fluffy Bums was choosing which pattern to get for the covers. Ivy has many cute and adorable fabrics to choose from.

I love these covers so much I decided to order some more for my baby girl and got one for my 19 month old. I have never used cloth diapers on any of my children past about a year old, but I am so excited for my 19 month old to start wearing cloth diapers. I order one cover for Wee Nut to see how he likes it. His latest discovery has been that if he is quiet enough, he can get his diaper off and walk around naked lol. Hopefully he wont be able to get the cloth diaper cover off so easily.

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