Working on the Addition and Family Workout

After opening up our addition in June of last year, we took a break from the constant work. It was getting to be too much physically, emotionally and financially. It was nice to take some time off, but now it is getting to the point where it is getting annoying that it is still not done. After getting our tax return back we invested part of that into getting a few things for the addition.

Last week we got some curtains, that we still have not put up. This week we got light fixtures for the entire addition, not counting the bathrooms that are still not done. We have been trying to figure out what to do about the floor in the kids bathroom. Since 3 boys are currently using that bathroom, it is not surprising that there is pee bouncing off of the toilet all over the unfinished walls and sub-floor. It got to the point were the floor around the toilet was always wet.

Yeah, that is nasty. Sub-floor is every bit as hard to clean pee off of as you would imagine.

The curtains that were supposed to get put up this weekend got put on hold until some other time and the kids bathroom floor got finished. We figured that the best thing for that room was vinyl flooring. We got the thickest, no glue flooring that they had. For less than $70 the kids bathroom now has a floor that can be wiped clean and hopefully the bathroom wont smell like a bunch of little boys any more. At least for a couple of days anyways.

We gave up a little time this weekend to play Just Dance 2. The kids helped me move our sectional couch out of the way and the sections were pushed in to other rooms and the other side of the living room so that we could have enough room to get a good workout. The kids ask to play this game all day long, and I love that we can call it PE for homeschool. If they go to bed and haven’t gotten a chance to play they complain about it during hugs and kisses and make sure that I know how desperately they want to play tomorrow. We got several hours of workout time in this weekend and already I am sore. I wish I could figure out what song got my upper abs so sore!


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