Batman Coloring Pages and Birthday Party Ideas

Batman, that mysterious Dark Knight that roams Gotham City. Created by DC Comics, Batman has been a hero for the young and old alike for over 60 years. Unlike Superman, also created by DC Comics, who can be found fighting villains mostly during the day, Batman finds most of his enemies lurking in the dark. His dark colored costumes keep him well hidden in the shadows while enemies prowl. I think this is why kids are so attracted to Batman. Kids are afraid of the dark, creepy shadows that leave a sense of danger floating in a child’s mind. With a Superhero like Batman protecting the night and keeping an eye on those creepy shadows, young kids can look into the dark and feel safe.

We have printed out dozens of Batman coloring pages from all over the internet. A fun birthday party idea, print out coloring pages for each friend coming to the birthday party and make a free coloring book to add to the party goodie bag.

Free Batman Coloring Pages:

Free Batman Activity and Party Ideas:

Fun Batman Party Supplies from Amazon!


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