Closing Owain’s Fenestration at Golisano Children’s

Chilling in the waiting room. Ready for anything!

It’s a Cath Lab day for Owain! He got the fenestration closed from his Fontan procedure when he was 3.

This is his first procedure at Golisano Children’s. We miss the team at UVa Medical Center, but have tons of faith in his new hospital and the team here, they have been great to us.

I love this boy so much. He is a professional when it comes to being in the hospital, not too much scares him. He was so upset when we had to postpone last month due to a cold. He said “Mom, I’m ready for this, I just want to get it done.” He knows his body, and he likes knowing his quality of life is improving.



Ready To Go!


Moving into the Cath Lab


Happy versed moment…and he’s out!



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