Feeding The Nut House

How I feed my Large Family on a small budget.

A Gallon of Refreshing Sweet Iced Sun Tea

One of the things I love the most about summer is making Sun Tea by the Gallon. Getting up first thing in the morning and setting the gallon jug out on the stoop to soak up the sun’s rays is such a good feeling and a great way to start your day. And for...

Homemade Black Raspberry-Apple Spread

My Black Raspberry-Apple Spread is much like a jam, and more of a cross between Black Raspberry Preserves and Apple Jelly. I have a huge Black Raspberry bush that grows bigger every year, but also gets bigger from all of the wild bushes that pop up all over our small piece of property in...

The Perfect Homemade Iced Coffee!

You might think the only way to get the perfect Iced Coffee is to go to your local coffee shop and spend way too much money, but you would be wrong. When gas prices rise and food costs make it hard to put food on the table you have to start cutting back. Making...

Tales From My Veggie Garden 2009 II

Last weekend I managed to get quite a bit in the ground, but not everything. Some veggies are doing well, others OK and some not doing well at all. Over all I am happy with the beginning results and still have time to replant some of the veggies that did not make it. As...

Tales From My Veggie Garden 2009 I

I am going to “try” to do at least a weekly update on my veggie garden. Hopefully things will go well and I will be able to update much more often as everything starts to grow. We had very little luck last year as we lost our entire veggie bed because of back yard...

How to Prepare Dry Foods for Long Term Storage

Whether you are preparing for a natural disaster, possible job loss in the family or just like to stock up when you find a good deal, stockpiling food has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Many people like to plant huge gardens and spend the end of growing season canning, while others...

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