The Nut House

My Happy Place

My studio, which has also turned into an office space, is finally done. What a great feeling! I can walk straight in and sit down at all three of my work stations without climbing over furniture or boxes. I suddenly feel so graceful. There is even enough room in the middle of the floor...

Winter Solitude and a Growing Family

This time of year is always so hectic no matter how much I try to calm the chaos. I am happy to say that in four weeks in November our house got new siding and all new windows (except for the way to huge to replace picture window). Our kitchen is not completely finished,...

I Love Being at Home with My Kids

In the midst of working on my site, I still find time make jewelry, I have so many new ideas and designs that are just swimming in my head waiting to come out, and I actually do have Faery Jewelry that is working its way on to my site. My oldest son attends a...

Traveling Around with Renaissance Festivals

So where did I go after dropping out of school…to travel around the country of course, working at different Renaissance Festivals. I worked at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, Arizona Renn Faire, Colorado Renn Festival, and the Scarborough Renn Faire in Texas, Virginia and the Carolina Renaissance Festival. It was nice to travel around the...

It Got Me To Where I am Today

Then when I was twenty I went to Hungary with my grandmother who was born in Hungary and immigrated to the US after World War II by way of Germany where my mother was born. I think my first uncle was born in England and then they hopped on a boat and traveled to...

Just a Little Something to Get Started

I have always been extremely bad at keeping up with journals.  I guess I have to go back to get to where I am now. Jewelry has always been a passion of mine, so it seems like a good place to start. I have been making one form or jewelry or another for almost...

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