I Love Being at Home with My Kids

In the midst of working on my site, I still find time make jewelry, I have so many new ideas and designs that are just swimming in my head waiting to come out, and I actually do have Faery Jewelry that is working its way on to my site. My oldest son attends a Montessori preschool in the mornings and that gives me a bit of one on one time with my youngest son who just turned 2. They are finally staring to get along and that is a very nice feeling, we have much rivalry in our little family.

We are getting ready to tear apart another room in our house and fix our leaky roof for the third time in about 18 months…so I hope it stops raining so the water stops dripping into our house!! There is always so much going on, but one thing I always remember is that family comes first…which of course is what my obsession with having a successful website is all about. To be able to spend time with my kids before they grow up and move on. Just this morning my 2 year old woke up way too early, and when he wakes up he is up for good. All I really wanted to do was to go back to bed and to try to get him back to sleep, but instead we laid in bed and read some books and played with our toes until the sun came up, at that point there is no holding him back. Kind of silly, but it sure beats getting up and running off to work. One thing I have had to do lately is limit my time working on my site at night after the kids go to bed, it makes me very cranky in the morning, and mornings have never been my thing.

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