Schools almost over!


Just over a week left and the kiddies are done for the year! I have to say that so far the school year has been about 3 weeks too long already. We are all just barely hanging on. As the days get longer, the kids are having a harder time getting to sleep at night and waking up bright and early every morning. I have been trying to get up with the sun to try to get a few things done and have some time to myself, but the kids keep getting up earlier every day. Which gives me less time to get my thoughts in order for the day. And it also makes for some tired grumpy kids by the time they get home from school. All I know is, I am sooooo tired and I can’t wait for this year to be over!

Its not that they will be sleeping in and giving me any type of break once school is over, they will still be waking up bright and early, but at least at some point during the day, we can turn everything off, take a break for an hour and maybe take a nap. At least get some sort of recharging quite time to help get them through the day…and I guess help get me through the day too. At this point, I can’t quite figure out how far pregnant I am. Somewhere between 31-33 weeks…I think. The only thing I can remember is that the baby is due at the end of July on Little Nut Nut’s 3rd birthday, but for some reason, my overtired little brain will not let me figure out, or remember how far along I am. This baby is starting to get big though…just in time for the hot and humid weather to settle in nicely lol.

So, only 2 more days left after today, then Field Day on Monday, and the last day next Friday is only a 1/2 day…then we are done! Yippie! And then summer vacation is here! Yippie!

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