Choosing to Potty Train

I have been asking my 2 yr old Little Nut Nut if he wants to use the potty for months, probably almost a year and he has had very little interest. I thought that maybe he was uncomfortable with the padded potty seat ring to set on the big potty, so we pulled the little, wash out after every use, potty seat down from the attic. He still was not interested and it sat in the tiny little bathroom for weeks untouched…except as a stool.

So at some point last week he started waking up with dry or mostly dry diapers in the morning and I started putting him on the potty…and he has been able to pee in the potty every morning for almost a week. Yay! Yippie! Yesterday he even used it several times and even managed to poop on the potty (and yes when the post title mentions potty training you should have known I was going to be talking about pee and poop!).

So, Yay! Great, we are getting somewhere with potty training and we might even get this one out of diapers before he turns 3 in July and before the new baby is due in July.

Oh, how I am not looking forward to having 3 kids in diapers! Logically, you would think I would be jumping for joy at the thought that Little Nut Nut is choosing to potty train all by himself. If you set the potty seat out they will use it. Except peeing on the potty is all this little boy can think about! Every ten minutes he is stripping his clothes off and insisting that he has to go. Then he is on the seat, and off the seat looking in, and back on the seat, and back off the seat looking in. He tries so hard to go pee and gets so mad when he can’t. I just had to go through the whole ritual for 2 little squirts of pee.

Of course he has to do this at the end of the month…when I am trying to make payout for ChaCha…which looks like it is not going to happen. I am one article away from meeting my monthly goal at eHow for writing 10 articles a month (that very sadly got bumped down from 15 when I couldn’t even write 10) and now I have writers block. Garrrrrrmmph!

I have been trying to get my veggies started from seed into the ground for weeks. We got the corn in a few weeks ago, along with the pole beans, and the sweet peas are still in their little bowl of dirt on the stoop where I left them 3 weeks ago. I have squash, zucchini, beets, dill, basil, red and yellow peppers, honey dew, cantaloupe and watermelon, eggplant and sunflowers all waiting to go into the ground. I got the big garden bed ready and was going to plant early last week and then we got this freeze and frost warning, so I waited for that to end and it has been raining for days…except when my parents were here for Memorial Day Weekend and then it was just too hot for me to deal with(lame excuse I know!) I thought today was the day, but now it started raining again. I guess I should just go out and plant in the rain, I know the veggies will love it! My poor tomato plants did not make it through the long wait…and they were thriving in there little pods. I should probably get a few more of them started. I think I lost 18 tomato plants in all…there might actually be one lone plant, although I am not sure which kind. I planted cherry, roma and some big slicers.

Wee Nut has been cutting 2 teeth on and off for the past few weeks and for the past few nights has had a terrible time with them. Which means no sleep for mama. I can’t blame him completely, my back has been killing me for the past 2 days and nights and I couldn’t sleep if I wanted too.

So I am having guilty mom issues trying to convince Little Nut Nut that he doesn’t need to try to go pee-pee on the potty every ten minutes. I know the sooner he is potty trained the less money we have to spend on diapers and can put that money towards the addition…but boy oh boy my back can’t take bending down to clean out the potty chair, and put his diaper back on and all of that, every 10 minutes. Since I am still almost 2 months from my due date, I know I am not in labor, but I gotta say, the back pain sure feels like it!

So, why oh why does my little Little Nut Nut suddenly want to potty train now?

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