Happy 6th Birthday E Nut!

Happy Birthday E Nut!

This sweet and proud little boy has been smiling since he got his Cub Scout uniform for his birthday…we gave it to him last night.

We had a small cake yesterday at the park with some friends from our Mended Little Hearts groups, but we have not had a birthday party for him yet. He was given the choice to have a party with friends, or go to Amazement Square next weekend with Grammy & Grandpa and have a family party there. He opted for the family party at Amazement Square. We went there a few years ago around Christmas and the kids had a blast!

I just picked him up from school and we are making a cake and homemade ice cream (he likes vanilla with Heath bar chunks, sounds good to me!) and have a small little party. Around here birthdays last all week!


Here is a picture of him on his third birthday with Grammy and Grandpa & Wing Nut.
(try not to look too long at the wall that is still not done)

He just loves his birthdays! What a happy little guy he is. His smile lights up my day.

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