My Three Year Old Has NO Inner Monologue

Little Nut Nut talks all day long, every little thought that pops into his head, comes right out of his mouth. He wanders around the house all day long talking talking talking. About everything.

One of his conversations he just had with the entire house went something like this…

Keep in mind that he never stops moving either…

I need a sippy I am thirsty can I get some water? I love water it is so good I like to drink it out of my sippy. can I get a sippy of water? Soy milk is good but cow’s milk is not. I am allergic to cow’s milk it makes my skin bumpy but soy milk is yummy can I have some soy milk? Soy milk is good yum yum yum yum look I am hopping see look hop hop hop hop mmm are you getting me some soy milk? I want some water. juice is so good hop hop hop hop look I am still hopping. I can hop on this foot too see hop hop hop. can I have some juice? I have to go pee on the potty hop hop hop hop look I am going pee pee on the potty. I do not go poopie on the potty because I am not good at it and I do not like to do it but I can go pee pee on the potty and then I hop hop hop all around see. can I have some cheese and crackers with my water? Water is so yummy I love water. your welcome for the water. Oh, OK thank you. that was silly. look at my mouth there is something in there it hurts see aaahhhh my throat hurts like E Nuts and I need some medicine, Oh it is not red OK. I am OK. see I am OK because I am not sick. is that pizza? I love pizza can I look in the oven? look I can hop on one foot. look see. I am hopping and Hoah* is hopping with me. I love Hoah he is my best friend and his is not sick either but he loves to sleep with me and I can hug him see? hop hop hop is the pizza ready yet because I am not going to eat in my highchair I am going to eat like a big boy because I am growing. see look how tall I am? I am big just like E Nut and my clothes are getting smaller because I like to eat pizza. is the pizza ready yet? can I have home Halloween candy? but I do not want to wait until after dinner because I love it so much. that is not very nice. I want some Halloween candy. can I have some Halloween candy? Oh yes I love pizza. I will eat my pizza and then have some Halloween candy. what’cha doin’? can I wash some dishes too? the water is not to hot. you are not in a hurry. see you are just standing there. and is the pizza ready? Hoah loves to eat pizza with me but not really because he would get all messy and have to go into the washing machine and then I would have to sleep with just my pound puppy. I love my pound puppy but Hoah is my best friend. what did we do with the pumpkins ? Oh yeah they are outside. can we go get them? they are not all mushy and rotten. oh yes they are they are getting yucky. I do not like yucky pumpkins but I like to carve pumpkins. can we carve more pumpkins? ok we will wait for next year. look I can hop on one foot see hop hop hop look E Nut I am hopping. see look at me what’ch doing can I sit with you? look I am upside down hahahaha look it is silly to be upside down hahahah Wing Nut is tickling me hahahaha do it again hahahah do it again hahahah do it again wait stop. do it again hahahahah oh no I dropped Hoah. quick I have to get Hoah. look I am hopping hop hop hop hop hop hop hop hi mommy what’cha doin’? making dinner? I like dinner what are we having? oh yea pizza I love pizza. look I can jump see? and I can jump and say abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz now I know my abc’s next time wont you sing with me? jump jump jump it is dark outside but it is not time for bed. it is dark and we are awake. I am not going to bed yet because it is not time to go to bed just because it is dark outside. is that pizza? is the pizza done yay the pizza is done. can I have a piece? I am not going to sit in my highchair because I am growing and I want to sit like brothers because I am a big boy. I got a shot today and it hurt and I cried but that is OK because I am better now but my leg hurts but I can still jump see jump jump jump. mommy, did you get a shot? does it hurt? mine does too but I am better now. are you better now? and brothers got a shot today but sister did not because she is too little. can I have some pizza? no it is not hot. I can eat it. I will not get burned. Oh it is hot I will get burned if it doesn’t cool off. is it cooled off yet? oh, is it cooled off yet? oh, is it cooled off yet? can I have some Halloween candy? dinner is not ready yet. oh yes it is that is so silly can I have some pizza. yes it is cooled off. oh it is not cooled off. I do not want to get burned I will go sit down. look I can hop. I am going to play on my Leapster. yes I am. Yes I Am. YES I AM. that is not very nice I want to play Leapster. oh yeah, dinner is ready I love dinner. what are we having? pizza yum I love pizza I am going to go sit down. hop hop hop E Nut Wing Nut dinner is ready and I am not going to sit in my highchair because I am a big boy. E Nut, Wing Nut sit down for dinner. hey sit down mommy said dinner is ready. I love pizza. I said dinner is ready you need to sit down. I am sitting down because I love dinner. what is for dinner? mmm pizza I love pizza. I am not sitting at my highchair because I am a big kid but I am not a big kid I am growing into a big kid what’s for dinner? mmmm I love pizza. I love you mommy your welcome for the pizza. Oh yeah, thank you for the pizza.

*Hoah is his teddy bear.

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