Where is Blogger the Frog? He is in the Snow Covered Shenandoah Valley!

Blogger the frogA few weeks ago, we had another storm, I finally got around to posting pictures of the kids playing in the snow from that storm just the other day in this post.  It turns out there was a traveler who had spent time in Mexico with my bloggy friend Jenn. After that he went down to spent a bit of time doing mission work in Haiti and was there when the earthquake hit. He was too busy to to pause for any pictures and too busy helping out with earthquake relief. After that he then traveled on to Italy. After getting back into the states, he found himself in the middle of a snowstorm and needed a place to crash for a while. He picked the perfect place, he had a great time and the kids really enjoyed him being here.


As the snow was settling, we noticed a green and furry
little friend pull up in a snow covered Cozy Coupe.


Blogger is eager to go sledding with Wing Nut.


Hold on tight Wing Nut, I have never done this before!
“I got ya Blogger, you are safe.”


A turn down the hill with Little Nut Nut.
“Hold on tight Blogger, we are going down!”


E Nut is falling off the sled, but keeps Blogger the Frog safe!


After a few trips down with the Nuts, Blogger the Frog
feels confident enough to go down alone.
“Good luck little guy!”


Here comes Blogger the Frog!


Blogger safely makes it to the bottom of the hill.
“Yay, that was fun!”


On to the swing set, Wing Nut pushes Blogger.


Blogger is having a great time at The Nut House, he pauses to eat a
snowball snack before going down the slide. It is covered in
snow, but that is what makes it so much fun!


Time for a break, Blogger stops to sun himself for awhile.


Nut House tradition requires hot chocolate after playing in the snow.


Every frog deserves a cup of hot coco as big as their head with
marshmallows bigger than his eyes!


Blogger sees our brochures on Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week and wants to learn more.
“WOW, I didn’t know CHD’s were the Number 1 birth defect, I am so glad I stopped by here!”


Blogger went with us to our Mended Little Hearts CHD Awareness
Week event. He had some snacks with the kids and did some Valentines day crafts. Wing Nut made him a VDay Heart.
“I love red glitter glue!”


E Nut made Blogger his very own Valentines Day Heart bracelet.
“I feel so loved!”

You can see more of our Mended Little Hearts event in this post.We have had a great time with Blogger the Frog, but now that the roads are cleared and the airports are back to normal schedules around here, he will be moving on. He has many more places that he is planning on traveling to. To find out where else he has been and request a visit from him, please visit Jamie over at Mommy’s Camera she will be more than happy to get the message to Blogger. You can also find Blogger on Jamie’s Community on the BlogFrog You can also see a map here of all the places that Blogger has been, and I will be checking that map out to see where he is going after he leaves here.

Good bye Blogger, we have had a great time with you, have fun in your travels and can’t wait to hear about all of your travels.

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