Homeschool Room Makeover After the Walls are Repaired and Painted

It took us 5 years to finally finish caulking around the windows, fill in the nail holes and paint the trim and the baseboards. The Classroom was Wing Nut’s bedroom for 7 years, E Nut’s bedroom for over 5 years and Little Nut Nut’s room for 2 years. Have you ever noticed that sometimes even the most obvious things seem to disappear over time? I walked in and out of their bedroom dozens of times a day and so many things just faded out of sight. After we moved the kids out of this room and into their new bedrooms, I started noticing little things around the room that I had forgotten that we never got to. Like parts of the trim that never got painted. After the walls were repaired and I got everything painted, this room looks great, and the kids love being in there! They have been so used to spending so much time in there over the years, it is natural for them to get up and go there first thing in the morning. It makes getting homeschool started pretty easy, hahaha!

The trim is painted around the windows, the baseboards got a touch up coat of paint and so did the vent covers.

I forgot to get a good photo of the wall under this window and behind the door, but you can still tell what a huge difference it is to get that plaster fixed.

The wall behind and next to the dry erase/magnet board and off to the right of the magnet board is where we patched up the wall with the wire mesh and plaster in yesterday’s post. And if you look close enough, you can really see that just because you take in a big patch of paint to the paint counter at the home remodel store, that doesn’t mean that they can really match the paint to the original color…even though they say they can do it on the commercial, lol. That doesn’t really bother me, just a little bit, but not too much. Over all the room looks so much better than it did when we moved the kids out. Between the remodeling that we never finished and the damage that 3 boys sharing one small space can inflict this room was pretty rough shape. I think it looks great and the kids are excited to actually have a Homeschool Room that is not just a space at the dining room table or a little corner crammed into my studio.

The past two days were the before/during the remodel of the Classroom. I have more photos to share how I built new shelves into the closet and organized the space throughout the Classroom.

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