Homeschool Room Makeover Organizing the Curriculums and Closet

Last year I just taught my oldest Nut and it wasn’t that big of a deal to have just 1 child’s curriculums to organize. I had a small space that I created in my office, but it still ended up all over the house. This year I took 3 shelf units from our bedroom and with some plywood and a bit of paint I created an awesome storage space for the curriculums along with most of our resource books and arts and crafts supplies. At least I think it is awesome and I am so proud of it! I still haven’t figured out what to do with all the clothes that used to be stored in those shelves, but I love this so much it doesn’t even matter.

Here are notebooks, resource books, the big box is a huge art box full of all sorts of goodies that came from my neighbor when her grand daughter was done with it. It is hardly used and is so cool! We have tons of construction and craft paper along with one of our Leapsters.

Wing Nut gets 2 shelves. He has the most books and his Paths of Settlement curriculum comes with all sorts of cool manipulatives.

E Nut gets 1 shelf. He is in first grade and really doesn’t need that much. He has a language arts and his history curriculums in my space in the desk, that I will be sharing in tomorrows post.

Little Nut Nut gets one self too. He is in Pre-K, so his curriculum is pretty basic. He is also sharing E Nut’s learn to read books and Language Arts curriculum. He is keeping up with his big brother with reading!

Some math manipulatives.

Some art supplies that didn’t fit in the other art bins or on the door.

More math manipulatives and flash cards.

Some Leapster cartridges and books.

The two bins on the floor hold most of the art supplies except the clay and play dough.

I created an extra space under the 3 shelves by adding a board. Wall Nut ripped a 2×6 so that it is the same height as the baseboard. The 2×6 is attached to a piece of plywood and it rests on the baseboard along the sides and back.

I screwed the 3 shelf units together and added some shims on either side to secure it in place and keep it from rocking and getting worn out.

Shelf units screwed together.

Another piece of plywood was painted and set on top of the 3 shelf units. The plywood is both a bit wider and deeper than the three shelf units that gaps on either side of the whole unit.

The top 2 shelves up above are bigger than they appear. They old all sorts of board games, old curriculums, music instruments, play dough, more Leaspter games books and cartridges and random supplies that I still don’t have a place for. There are music instruments and art supplies in the pockets on the door.

And that is our curriculum closet! I love it and the kids can easily get in get their books and get to work. The know where everything is and love that they all have their own space. We got this amazing desk last month, and that is well stocked and organized too. I have tons of photos of that as well, so I will share that tomorrow.

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