Take It On Tuesday!

Tuesday is here again and I am planning my projects for the week. It is a little known fact that Monday is actually the third and final day of the weekend. Many believe that Monday is the start of the new week, but they are wrong. Monday is a just a test run for the other 4 days before the weekend starts. The week really starts on Tuesday, and that is why I plan my projects for the week on Tuesdays. True story. Look it up.

I am happy to have finally finished the change of seasons clothes swap. Woo-Hoo! I am so happy to be done with that. I do feel like there may be a missing bin of clothes somewhere, but I am not really sure. I thought that I had more pj’s for Honey Nut, but who knows, after her 4 big brothers wore them for the past 9 years, they could have just disintegrated and turned to dust.

I got the living room closest mostly organized. This was pretty easy to do once I got going with the change of seasons clothes swap because that is where I normally store all the bins. The closet is extra deep, and is very close to being the same size as a pack and play. Now that Honey Nut is out growing her naps and would rather run around the back yard than hang out in the pack and play, I have turned her outside pack and play into a toy bin. I took the door off of the closet and then I had to partially bread down the pack and play to get it in the closet and after I set it up I tossed all large toys into it. Wee Nut is good at climbing in and out of it, so he climbs in and tosses toys out to Honey Nut. The continue to be serious partners in crime and I am loving every minute of it.

The top shelf of the closet is still stuffed full and needs some serious work, but I think I can get that done by the end of this week. I think now that I have taken the door off of the closet, I think I am going to paint it to match the walls. The inside of the closet is “rental property white” as our home was a rental property for years before we bought it. Most of the house was that awful white when we moved in. The inside trim on the door is still the original stained, unpainted wood from years and years ago…as Wing Nut likes to say, from “back in the day” or “way back then.” This is the only trim in the entire house that has never been painted over and looks really strange. So I am going to paint the trim in and out, and then paint the inside of the closet and the shelves.

Our bedroom is very close to being completely organized. And that includes finding a place to put all of my clothes after I gave all of my shelves to the kids for their homeschool room when we remodeled that. I am still amazed how much bigger that room is not that there are no bassinets or pack and plays or babies in there. And I am still getting used to the fact that we moved the door to our bedroom. This is actually the third doorway we have had in our bedroom since we moved in over 7 years ago. It is also the third wall the door has been in as well as the third room we have entered in from since we bought the house. There is really no where else to put the door, so I am pretty sure that this time we are keeping it where it is.

The offices have not really changed that much since last week. My office is still in mid-organization and needs some serious work before I can actually start using it. So those two rooms are going to get the majority of my focus this week. I came close to listing some of my jewelry on Etsy today, but I think I need to get new photos. Most of my jewelry that I have has been in storage for 2 1/2 years and since I use a lot of silver bali beads in my pieces, most of what I have is tarnished and looks a lot different than it did when I took pictures of it before Wee Nut was born. I could go through and polish all of the jewelry I will be listing for sale soon, but honestly, I don’t have the time. When I list all of my jewelry that is tarnished, it will be listed at 50% off. The think I love about silver, is that it doesn’t tarnish as long as you are wearing it, but if it sits for any length of time it tarnishes quickly.

Hopefully we will get a few sunny days this week and I can get outside and take some good photos and start listing on my new Etsy store.

So there are my projects for the week. I am excited to continue organizing my home and starting to work on my jewelry again 🙂

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  1. melissa on November 3, 2010 at 12:32 pm

    I never have done the season clothes swap thing. Even when we lived in NY it seemed like more work than just not wearing those clothes LOL. Here in FL you wear three different outfits in one day, in the fall and winter, so it would be really hard to do.

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