Missing my Boys

The 2 big kids went on a Cub Scout camp out this weekend. E Nut got me up extra early today running around with excitement. Wing Nut enjoys his mornings much more like I do, late and lazy. Somehow we get woken up way to early by the early risers. I was happy to get up with them this morning. I knew I was going to miss them today.

They went on a Cub Scout camping trip in November and it ended up being a super cold weekend. Over the past few weeks we have had several warm days in the upper 70’s and have had the windows open many times already. I was starting to get used to spring. The last couple of days have been chilly, cloudy and rainy.

My kids are out camping and we are suddenly expecting 4 inches of snow overnight. The boys have plenty of extra blankets, gloves and the are bundled up for the night and super excited and hoping to rush out of their tent in the morning to see the world covered with snow. I am excited for them. If I remember correctly, I didn’t do any winter, snow camping until I was around 20 years old and went on a camping and canoeing trip to the Adirondack mountains in northern New York. It was cold, but fun and exciting.

I miss my boys, but I am so happy for the awesome camping trip.



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