Kitchen Remodel:The Demo

I have been organizing lots of things in my life lately. It is my way of getting ready for Owain’s surgery. I have been working on finishing up projects that I started, organizing, unpacking boxes that have now been packed away for close to 3 years, going through photos, both older film developed ones and ones on my computer and we have been working on finishing up a few things around the house. We bought our home coming up on 8 years in June. We started remodeling it shortly after we moved in and we remodeled our kitchen over 5 years ago. We started it about a month before Thanksgiving, and learned we were pregnant with our 3rd, Little Nut Nut while we were working on it. That pregnancy was the original November Surprise.

We are getting ready to finally, after over 5 years do the final touch up on the kitchen as well as install all the handles for the cabinets and drawers. That got me to thinking about our old kitchen. I didn’t even have a digital camera then and was borrowing a friends camera for a few days and didn’t get very many photos. I have a few from when we were tearing apart everything, I have always found demo to be lots of fun 😉

The top cabinets already came down before I thought of the camera


Condensation from the chimney soaked through our ceiling.


Getting ready to cut a hole in the wall.


There’s a hole in my wall!


More demo


New stove & cabinets


New dishwasher & more cabinets

That is all I got of the remodel in process. After the handles are on everything I will take more photos and share the completed kitchen 🙂

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  1. Karrie on April 24, 2011 at 11:20 pm

    Can’t wait to see the finished product!

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