Coloring is Not Just For Fun

Well…it sure is lots of fun, but coloring is so much more than just a fun way to pass the time. From the very beginning of a child’s coloring experience coloring is full of education. As they learn to hold a crayon and go from scribbling to controlled movements, they learn how to draw shapes and fill in spaces. First they learn the names of the colors and then they learn how to read them on the wrapper.

You can watch as your child moves from coloring in purple trees and green people to mimicking their surroundings by choosing colors that match reality, and then again watching them experiment with their imagination by mixing all sorts of random colors to express emotion and creativity.

Sure it can be frustrating to walk into the dinning room after cooking dinner to find crayon drawn all over the table, because yes that quiet moment while making dinner was too good to be true. And it can be more than frustrating to walk into a freshly painted room, to find newly redecorated walls covered in crayon, but hey, you just got out of the shower for the first time in days and you feel great…and that is why your cleaning cupboard is stocked with Mr Clean Magic Eraser.

Coloring is not just for fun my friends, coloring feeds your mind and lets your imagination grow

Kids love to color!

My kids love to color!  And I love Free! For years we went out and bought coloring books. Then one day they started asking for specific coloring pages and we started printing coloring pages off the internet. Kids can love Tigger one day, Power Rangers the next and My Little Pony the next. I realized that there was just no reason to keep on buying coloring books when their tastes were always changing. Years ago I bookmarked and saved all of my kids favorite coloring pages, seriously, what a mess those bookmarks turned out to be! Now we would like to share with you all of those years worth of favorite coloring and activity pages. I will be posting them as I get them organized or as we use them. We use them for fun and for Homeschool. We hope that you enjoy them and that you find something you and your kids love!


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