52 Weeks of Handwriting: Blue

We started our 52 Weeks Of Handwriting today. We had a full day of lessons already planned, with a few left over from Tuesday that should have been done yesterday after Classical Conversations co-op. I always have plans of keeping up the momentum after CC and use our short afternoon to catch up, or to do a few short lessons to get ahead, but I end up so tired that nothing really gets done. I only got worksheets made up for the 3 youngest kids and couldn’t come up with anything fun for the Big Kids. Although, the big kids’ handwriting can sometimes be just as bad as the littles, I think I will wait for another day to make something up for them.

Honey Nut turned into a she-demon, passed out on the couch and has been snoring for the past hour. She missed out today, but has a worksheet ready for her tomorrow. Wee Nut is learning to write, and Little Nut Nut can’t decided if he wants to use caPiTAl LeTeRS or LoWEr cASe letters in his assignments, and they both got handwriting worksheets for the color BLUE. The newest handwriting theme can be found on the Startwrite Blog every week.

They both got worksheets with different Blue Objects, and Wee Nut got an extra worksheet with words that rhyme with Blue.

Owee 52 Weeks of Handwriting: Blue

Startwrite offers a Free Trial and you can Download a Demo and try it out yourself.

Owee 52 Weeks of Handwriting Blue Two



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