Goodnight Moon

As I walked by our library, these books caught my eye. Goodnight Moon was absolutely the favorite book to read when my Tribe was young. Every few years I would have to get another copy so each child could hold their own book. They would line up in one of their beds, or in a closet fort while I recited the book from memory. Sometimes older siblings who moved on to chapter books would join in and help act out the story. Some one read this book most every night for over ten years. My youngest is now 9, but I can’t bring myself to even pack up these books. They have to stay right on the shelf, filling my heart with joy every time I see them. I am proud of my children, and who they are growing up to be. The time I spent with them reading them this book, giving them my heart every day helped to shape their love of reading and strengthen our family bond. When I see these books tucked into our library, my heart skips a beat, and I am reminded how blessed I am to call these children mine.


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