Traveling Around with Renaissance Festivals

So where did I go after dropping out of school…to travel around the country of course, working at different Renaissance Festivals. I worked at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, Arizona Renn Faire, Colorado Renn Festival, and the Scarborough Renn Faire in Texas, Virginia and the Carolina Renaissance Festival. It was nice to travel around the country and get paid to do it. I worked weaving hammocks, making wooden swords and shields for kids, I did some lost wax casting, and I got to model silk gypsy clothing. During Festival days my job was watching children for artists and performers who where working the Festivals. Spending my afternoons with children sparked my love of Faeries. I met so many wonderfully talented folks and I kept thinking to myself…“I should start my own business” Along my travels I met my husband, our first home was a 10 x 10 foot tent, our second was a 23 foot Dodge Sportsman 440 and was great…in a little run down gas hog kind of way, and then we were getting ready to have our first baby…who by the way is now a 4 year old boy who loves trains and Star Wars. So the most logical choice in my mind was to start my own business…and of course it would be to make jewelry. I started out selling to friends at what Renn Faire folks call Bizarre Bazaar and going to this huge Flea Market in Denver…I think it is called the Mile High Flea Market, but I could be wrong, and I would try out small craft fairs and little music festivals. After our son was born we worked on the road for a few more months and then after his first Christmas we found that we had little money and not nearly enough space in our little camper for all of his huge toys. I think at that point, he owned more than my husband and myself combined.

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