A Gallon of Refreshing Sweet Iced Sun Tea

One of the things I love the most about summer is making Sun Tea by the Gallon. Getting up first thing in the morning and setting the gallon jug out on the stoop to soak up the sun’s rays is such a good feeling and a great way to start your day. And for just a few pennies a glass, it is an affordable way to get some cool refreshment!

You Will Need:

  • 6-9 Tea Bags
  • Water
  • A Glass Gallon Jug
  • Simple Sugar
  • A Sunny Day
  • Ice

The best time to make Sun Tea is first thing in the morning. This will give Tea plenty of time to steep, as well as cool down a bit before the day gets too hot.

Fill the Glass Gallon Jug with hot water and add your tea bags. I like a good strong glass of tea, so I use 9 tea bags. For many people six tea bags is plenty.

Set the gallon jug with water and the tea bags out in a nice sunny spot. It will need 2-3 hours to steep to get good flavor. If you want stronger tea, feel free to leave it out longer.

When your tea is done steeping, bring it in the house to add sweetener. Before adding your sweetener, remove all of the tea bags. Let them drip for a bit into the jug, but don’t squeeze the tea bags as you may pop them open & drop loose tea into your gallon jug.

Every one is different, so add sugar to your own specific tastes. I like to use a Simple Sugar Syrup. It is so easy to make and there is no un-dissolved sugar left in the bottom of the gallon jug.

Pour over ice and enjoy. You can also add a slice or two of fresh lemon or add a sprig of fresh mint as a garnish.

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