Pregnancy Induced Forgetfulness

As my due date gets closer, less than 3 weeks away I am finding it harder and harder to concentrate. We are trying to get everything in order, and in doing so lots of things are getting overlooked. My brain is overflowing with way too many things not to write them down….but I can only seem to remember to actually write things down about half of the time, so that leaves the other half of the things floating off somewhere in ForgetfulLand without the slightest chance of ever getting done.

I did get my bags packed…well mostly. I got the essentials packed, but none of the comforts from home that make childbirth so much easier. If I had to walk out the door right now, I would have clothes to wear & I would be able to take a shower. I am still missing pictures of the kids, don’t have music picked out, I still can’t seem to remember the name we picked out for a boy…and somehow that seems pretty important to me because I suddenly have a feeling that it is yet another boy. There are several other things that need to be packed too, and if I could remember them, I would mention them.

It seems that many of the things that need to be done, pop into my head as I am doing things that keep me from getting to a pen & paper. Like changing diapers, washing dishes, squishing herbs into my turkey burgers with my hands, taking a shower, trying to sleep at 4am & hoping that if I don’t actually get out of bed I could fall back asleep, driving & refereeing the fight in the back of the van while trying to remember where I am going and why, gardening or changing more diapers.

My oldest Nut may have to start following me around with pen & paper so I can just ramble all sorts of things at him & hope that he gets it written down.

Just in the past few days, I have managed to forget some simple, yet important things that have managed to get under my skin enough to up my stress level.

I turned on the dish water in the kitchen sink, went out to the grill to check on dinner and forgot completely about the water until after I wandered around my garden checking a few things out, just hanging around outside trying to escape the Nuttyness of the day for just a few minutes. I returned to the kitchen to find the very deep sink to be overflowing all over the counter, down the front of the cupboards and all over the kitchen floor. A bit of a hassle to clean up while making dinner on the 4th of July, but the kitchen cupboards in front of the sink are so clean now, and so is the floor.

I also forgot to put away the left-over, super yummy herbed with mozzarella cheese chunks turkey burgers that were supposed to be for lunch the next day. They sat on the counter all night long & I found them when I woke up at 4:15am. They were already stinky…big bummer. They were really good!

I have in the past few days loaded both the dishwasher & the washing machine, added soap and walked away without turning either of them on.

I have actually forgotten to make dinner until well after dinnertime…we eat dinner around 5pm every night, and I have looked at the clock suddenly at 6:30 or later on several occasions and totally panicked that dinner is not even started & it is almost bedtime for the kids. How can I be so busy that I forget to make dinner…and not put 2 & 2 together to figure out that the kids are probably going bonkers because they are hungry?

So along with all of my other goals that I have for the week, my main goal is to get my head in order & remember to write things down before I forget them again. Hopefully I can make it through the week without flooding any other rooms in the house & remembering to feed my children.

I need to clear my head of this looming thought that if I go into labor that I will be driving myself & my 4 children to the hospital, hopefully not in the middle of the night.

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