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I am Not as Strong as I appear. I enjoy weakness from time to time. We are a homeschooling, special needs family of 6. My 4th son has a Congenital Heart defect, and my oldest has ADHD. I am a survivor of Adultery and mental abuse. I learned that you never really know someone until you are strong enough to stand up and walk away. I love and protect my children, with everything I have. My life might seem unbelievable, but I couldn't make this shit up if I tried! Stick around & let's get to know each other.

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Feeding The Nut House

Have you noticed one of my new pages up in my menu bar? It is called Feeding The Nut House. I used to have a recipe blog where I posted my yummy treats and my dinners that satisfy my family. Some of my recipes are super easy and only take a few minutes, and some are more elaborate and take a while.  I decided that I should move all of my recipes over here to The Nut House, it seems to make much more sense to me than having separate blogs for the different things in my life.

I have been moving all of my recipes here for the past couple of months a little bit at a time and I just finished up my last recipe tonight. I had a lot more recipes than I remember posting.

I love cooking and creating new recipes, and I love hanging out with my kids in the kitchen. I have some new recipes that I have come up with in the past couple of months that I can’t wait to post here. A few of them are Breakfast Bars, Turkey Meatloaf and Ice Cream along with one of my all time favorites, guacamole. Yumm! Now that I finished moving everything over here, I can get to posting my new recipes and sharing them with y’all.

I have been trying to come up with a good barbecue recipe for months, and I can’t seem to get it quite right, but that is something I am working on. A few times I did come up with some great barbecue sauce, but they were “aahhhh too spicy” for the kids, so I have to go back to the beginning and try to come up with a recipe that the kids wont complain about. Another recipe that I have been trying to get right is a peach or apple cobbler. I am kinda picky about my cobblers and I can’t seem to find one or make one that is just right.

I have gotten into making bread every day and I would like to start experimenting with different types of bread. And I have been thinking about making a nut butter. I don’t think I want to make peanut butter, maybe some honey peanut butter, but not plain peanut butter. I have made peanut butter and cashew nut butter before and like cashew nut butter much better, but I haven’t done it in years. I am thinking about mixing some peanuts, almonds and cashews all together and tossing in a few other things too. I will probably just go to the bulk section and see what I can find to toss in the food processor. How yummy would homemade nut butter be on warm homemade bread?!? Soooo Yummy!

So those are a few recipes and ideas that I am mulling over at the moment and will be posting on my Feeding The Nut House Page. For now, check out the recipes that I already have and if you make something, I would love to hear what you think of my recipes 🙂

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