Do As I Say NOT As I Do. Please. 15 Things I Hope My Kids Are Not Paying Attention To.

Dear Nut House Children,

I know I spend my days trying to teach you to grow up to be polite, healthy adults who know how to take care of themselves, so Please, Please, Please! Do As I Say NOT As I Do. Please.

  1. Sit down and eat.
  2. No running in the house.
  3. Brush your teeth after every meal.
  4. No chocolate before breakfast. Or Lunch. Or after bedtime.
  5. Get in bed and stay there.
  6. Put on some clean clothes already!
  7. No talking with food in your mouth.
  8. Do not stand in front of the fridge with the door open just staring looking for something to eat.
  9. No eating ice cream out of the container.
  10. No eating yogurt out of the big container.
  11. No soda!
  12. Do not walk outside in your socks.
  13. Get off of facebook and go do something interesting.
  14. Turn off the TV and get your butts outside.
  15. Clean your room!!

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